So, you have a growing start-up.
Now, you have to survive it.

TestBench offers back-end ERP business systems, apps, and websites tailor-made to your company and its growth potential.


Testbench Services

Custom Built ERP Systems

ERP Systems connect every part of your business like a central nervous system.


They are normally designed for your Customer Relationship Management (CRM), Sales, and Product Inventory/Tracking.


Traditionally, they are too expensive for small businesses. At TestBench, we offer fully tailor made and affordable systems at a fraction of the current industry standard cost.

"Isn't it time the world got a taste of your ideas?"



We develop mobile and web apps that can achieve whatever comes from your inspiration.


For mobile development, we supply for both iOS and Android development platforms.


At TestBench, we strive for maximum optimized performance for every component of your application.

"Do we really need a new website?"



Not everyone thinks they need one, yet if you're in business, you probably do. In some cases, having an old one can be worse than not having one at all.

From the instant the homepage loads, it is essential that you have the right design that communicates what your business and your product is.


At TestBench, we strive for maximum optimized design and development that blends just the right amount of linear content with compelling imagery to make it happen.