TestBench offers new ERP systems specifically for micro, small and medium sized businesses 

Totally user friendly and 100% cloud-based 

Custom Built ERP systems that connects every part of your business like a central nervous system


Until now, ERP systems were too expensive and invasive for small businesses to invest in.  At TestBench, we offer two affordable systems at a fraction of the current industry standard cost. Both will be offered at a monthly flat subscription price, not the customary per-user per module pricing payment method.


Traditionally, business software tools were sold by big companies to even larger ones. It always seemed like the smaller companies that were left behind. Our 100% cloud-based, SaaS - ERP platforms have been specifically tailored for that under-served market which has been ignored by the big boys.


The Products

Khalo Lite

Our first and Basic Version will cater to small businesses that need a robust system to track both "front of house" and "back of house" operations

Khalo Manufacturing

A more all-encompassing version which will allow our customers to administer the complexity of managing and scheduling manufacturing production runs 


Advanced Analytics, Data Science, Customer Support modules, Data Migration, Training and a Client module